Concord Automobile Accident Injury

Accident Injury

Car accidents in Concord, North Carolina can be frightening and leave you feeling anxious. However, the actions taken immediately following automobile accidents in Concord can greatly affect a personal injury claim. Scott Law Firm, PLLC strongly suggests you take the following steps after an accident:

    • Pull over and stop. If possible, move your vehicle to the shoulder so it does not block traffic. Do not keep going.  failing to stop for an auto accident could result in criminal charges.
    • Call the police. Contact the police so the accident can be reported. Traffic can be directed by the police if necessary and emergency medical treatment EMT personnel access the accident scene.
    • Check for injuries. If any party appears to be injured, do not move them. You could worsen injuries or cause additional injuries. Contact 911 and request an ambulance.
    • Exchange information with other drivers/witnesses. Get full names, addresses, all phone numbers, and insurance information.
    • Take notes/pictures. Write down everything you can remember about the accident, anything the other drivers or witnesses say, and a description of the accident scene. If possible, take photos of the scene and vehicles. (Use your mobile phone camera if none other is available.) Get the number of the accident report from the police officer on the scene so you can get a copy of it later. The information can help your auto accident lawyers prepare an effective claim.

Accident Injury

  • Get medical attention. Even if you feel okay, some injuries do not manifest until hours or even days later. Tell your doctor, you were in an auto accident and ask for a copy of the medical report after the exam.
  • Contact an attorney before contacting the insurance companies. Concord car accident attorneys can advise you on how to proceed with the insurance companies.
  • Contact the insurance companies. On the advice of your car accident attorneys, report the accident to your insurance company and the at fault driver’s insurance company.
  • Keep an accident file. Keep your notes, medical reports, rental car receipts, and other accident related records of expenses. You may need to recall details of the case if your case goes to court. Keeping a file can help you substantiate your case and provide needed details to your  automobile accident lawyers.

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