Don’t Be Afraid to File a Personal Injury Claim

Don’t Be Afraid to File a Personal Injury Claim

So you have been injured and you have medical bills. Or maybe you have been misrepresented by a lawyer or insurance company. No matter what the case, if you have suffered a personal injury, then you should make a claim. If the fault is on someone else, then they should be responsible for the expenses caused by the injury. More on this website

Different Types of Personal Injury

Personal injury comes in many forms. It could be that someone has harmed you in a motor vehicle or boating accident. You might be the victim of a bicycle or motorcycle accident. If the fault was due to another person’s carelessness, then you should look for legal representation from the injury lawyers at our Law Firm.

There are many other types of personal injury as well. For example, if a physician did not perform the proper treatment standards, then this could be cause for a claim. Or maybe the doctor was negligent and this ended up causing unnecessary suffering. The same principle can be applied to accountants, where the harm ends up being financial. Even the negligence of a property owner can end up causing bodily harm to a person. One example could be a slip and fall on a wet surface that should have been marked clearly.

Finally, even harm to your reputation could be a form of personal injury. If someone has accused you falsely, you could have a case against them. Personal injury, therefore, can be physical, emotional, financial, or against your name.

Damages Can Be Much More Than You Realize

When you suffer a personal injury, the cost can be much more than you see at first. Medical bills, for example, are only part of the picture. There are current lost wages and even future lost wages to consider. Also, pain and suffering are causes for compensation. You shouldn’t be afraid to claim what is rightfully due to you under the protection of the law. If you ignore this you might get stuck with a lot of costs later.

The Best Lawyers Are Hands-On

The best personal injury attorneys get involved in your case right away. They make an assessment of your chances for success. They also negotiate with insurance companies directly. The better firms, like our Law Firm, do not leave this all-important negotiation in the hands of legal assistants or clerks. Thousands of dollars might be hanging in the balance of this process.

There are rating services that also identify the best lawyers. It pays to make sure that your legal representative is also endorsed by a third party. AV Peer Review Rating is one such rating service.


Personal injury is a serious matter. If you have been injured in any way, don’t ignore your rights. You could be stuck with many expenses for a long time. The person that caused the harm is responsible for paying those expenses. Look for an experienced, hands-on professional that can win your case and let you move on with your life.

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