What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a very serious issue. Penalties for this crime can be extensive, and you could face life-altering circumstances depending on the severity of your charge and sentencing. First, you must be made aware of what counts as a domestic relationship and who can legally be considered victims of domestic violence. It is important to know that both parties in the relationship can suffer from domestic violence regardless of their sex. Current or former roommates, spouses, dating parties, and people who have a child in common can all be the victims of domestic violence.

The various types of actions that can be considered for charges in a domestic violence case can include any of the following:

  • An attempt to cause bodily injury to another
  • Causing fear of imminent bodily injury
  • Emotional harassment
  • Sexual assault of any kind

In the case of fear of injury, and emotional distress, there are little-to-no physical signs of this abuse, and therefore, there is little evidence required for a law enforcement officer to make an arrest. This means that you could be arrested and charged with domestic violence based solely on the word of an angry ex-spouse for example. It is vitally important that you are given justice, and that you have a chance to fight for your rights in court.

Serving the Criminally Accused

It is important that you have skillful representation in your case as domestic violence charges can be difficult to face. At Scott Law Firm, we provide our clients with skillful and aggressive legal assistance to achieve favorable outcomes to the cases that we handle. We understand the fear, anxiety, and emotional hardship that you may be experiencing if you have been charged with a crime, and we can provide you with the representation that you need in your case.

North Carolina Drug Classifications – Drug Crimes

Drug CrimesSchedule I

These drugs have a high risk for abuse and no recognized medical use:

  • Heroin
  • Ecstasy
  • Peyote

Schedule II

These drugs also have a high potential for abuse, however, they have some accepted medical use with extreme restrictions:

  • Cocaine
  • Opium
  • Morphine

Schedule III

These have a lower potential for abuse and some accepted medical uses:

  • Ketamine
  • Anabolic Steroids

Schedule IV and V

These drugs have low potential for abuse and have widely accepted medical uses:

  • Valium
  • Xanax
  • Darvon
  • Over-the-counter cough medicines with codeine

Schedule VI

These drugs have low potential for abuse and no accepted medical uses:

  • Marijuana
  • Hashish oil

Types of Drug Crimes

There are many different crimes that can be committed that involve drugs; some of the more common crimes include possession, cultivation – growing, chemical mixing, or creation – and distribution. The penalties for conviction of this crime will depend on the amount and type of substance that was found on your person at the time of arrest. Marijuana falls under Schedule VI , which means it is a Class 3 misdemeanor for a first offense of possession and can include ten days in jail or a suspended license for a criminal conviction. If you are convicted of possession of a Schedule I drug for the first time, then you will incur a Class 1 felony on your record, and suffer penalties of four to five months in prison.

It is vitally important that you retain skillful representation in your case. At Scott Law Firm, we have dealt with many different drug crimes in the past and we can put our experience to work for you. Our firm is dedicated to providing excellent representation, has a long history of success, and knows how to give you the aggressive legal assistance that you need in your case. Contact our firm today to discuss your criminal charges!

White Collar Crimes

White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes are criminal actions performed by people for monetary gain or detriment to another. They are most often financially motivated and in many cases involve companies or entities. Some various crimes of this nature can include the following:

  • Bribery
  • Embezzlement
  • Money laundering
  • Fraud
  • Extortion or blackmail

If you are charged with any of these crimes, then it is crucial that you seek skillful representation in your case that can fight for your goals, your defense, and your rights in court.

Examples of Financial Crimes

Embezzlement can be a confusing crime. It involves taking money from an account entrusted to you for purposes other than the way the account was meant to be used. For example, if a law firm is entrusted with access to an account that belongs to a large corporation for the purpose of withdrawing attorney fees for services rendered and they take money out for any other reason, then they are committing the crime of embezzlement.

Financial Crimes

Money laundering is also a serious crime and involves passing illegally or illegitimately earned funds through a legitimate source in order to mask their origin. If a small business owner who deals only in cash sells drugs out of the back of the shop, then he / she will need to mask the origin of these funds. The way that they may do this is by depositing the cash earned from drug sales along with cash earned by the business into a bank account and claiming that the funds are all from the small business. Once the funds are deposited, they will be recorded as funds earned in a small business, thereby masking their true criminal origin.

Why You Need Representation

If you have been charged with a white collar crime of any kind, then you need skilled representation in your case. Our firm understands the severity of the situation that you face, and we can provide you with the criminal defense representation that you need. Do not wait; seek the legal assistance of a skilled defense lawyer from our firm today!