Automobile Accident Lawyers in Concord

Automobile Accident Lawyers in Concord

The Importance of legal help in Concord Automobile Accidents

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics show that 41,059 U.S. citizens died in vehicular accidents in 2007. An additional 2.49 million people sustained physical injuries in vehicular accidents. In North Carolina in that same year, 1,675 people died in vehicle wrecks.

In North Carolina, if you were involved in a car accident or personal injury in Concord, you are not legally obligated to talk to the responsible party’s insurance company. You should not speak to either the insurance company or the negligent party without consulting a Concord auto accident attorney first.

While a purpose of auto insurance is to compensate victims in auto accidents, insurance companies are still businesses with profitability as a primary goal. Therefore, insurance companies often attempt quick settlements, using an accomplished team of adjusters, investigators, and attorneys to minimize the claim as much as possible. An experienced and compassionate Concord auto accident attorney from the Scott Law Firm protects your interests and rights with the insurance companies and ensures you receive the compensation you deserve.

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